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IT Support for SMEs

SME IT Support - Taking away the frustration caused by technology

SME IT Support – Every SME has one thing in common: Technology. It really helps when keeping track of progress, recording data, improving Business performance etc. But what happens when things go wrong? We all know that technology doesn’t always work, and as a result you may be facing downtime for your Business. This leads to stress and headaches for a Business owner. Shepherd IT Services SME IT Support are here to support SMEs and provide the cure for headaches.

SME IT Support GDPR-Compliance:

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you must process personal data securely. Personal data is information that can be used to identify people. Many SMEs hold personal data and must protect it against: Unauthorized or unlawful processing, Accidental loss, Destruction and Damage.

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SME IT Support Sectors 


SME IT Support Finance Sector

Many accountants will start up a practice without thinking about IT support or security. Accountants, financial advisors, bookkeepers, mortgage advisors etc all have access to their clients financial data. This means if the Business gets hacked, their clients will also suffer, and they will blame the Business who did not secure their data. As well as a crippled practice, they may face a bad reputation and possible fines. It’s an accountants’ duty to secure their clients’ financial data.

It is common for hackers to impersonate accountants through email, targeting their clients. This is known as phishing. Email security is another vital must! With email security, an accountant will protect their reputation and clients from phishing attacks. Are you prepared for a phishing attack?

SME IT Support Finance

FACT: 43% of IoD members don’t know where their company’s data is physically stored

SME IT Support Insurance


SME IT Support Insurance Brokers

In 2020 a major insurance broker was hit by Ransomware and had to restart all their Business systems. Insurance companies are targeted because they typically handle very sensitive and private information such as medical records, blood tests, health and financial information, as well as tax returns. A data breach would lead to these documents being leaked on the dark web for other cybercriminals to exploit. With Ransomware, there is a chance to remove it, but this is not guaranteed unless SME IT Support is already in place. Data and money will be lost as a result, which could lead to fines.

Insurance brokers rely on computers, and issues such as email bounce backs, server breakdowns and slow performance can really set back an insurance broker. Customers will also be affected by these issues, and it will lead to customer frustration. Outsourcing IT will ensure smooth Business operations and protection against Ransomware.

FACT: Losses from ‘Whaling’ scams totalled £2.4 billion


SME IT Support Law Firms

Cybercrime is getting more sophisticated, so it’s important for law firms to protect their information and systems, due to the sensitive personal data and cases they hold. Data must be processed securely to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. Data breaches must be reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office within 72 hours of being discovered.

Many firms still store data on a computer’s hard drive. We recommend that Law firms and all other sectors use cloud computing and input a proper backup and disaster recovery solution. Cloud computing itself is not really a backup solution, as hackers can still wipe this data and no protection is offered against accidental deletions. Shepherd IT Services backs up your data every 2 hours in the event of disaster. Contact Us for more information.

SME IT Support Law Firm

FACT: Only 61% of small businesses are using some form of Cloud Computing

SME IT Support SME Support

SME Support

General SME IT Support

A common thought for Business Owners is that SME IT Support is too expensive. Unfortunately, many IT companies will either convince or scare you into accepting expensive IT Support and Security. This is not fair!

Downtime caused by IT issues can really harm a Business. Money is lost due to being unable to perform. If the Business is unable to fix the problem instantly, this downtime could last for a very long time. As a result, you may lose customers/clients and spend a fortune fixing the issue. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Shepherd IT Services can support an SME of any size, at an affordable fixed monthly rate. As well as IT support, we can set you up with a secure, reliable telecommunication system within your Business.

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