Services Offered

Cyber Security

Ease your mind with top of the range Cyber-security services. With advanced Cyber-security your company computers WILL be safe from network attacks. View your emails without the worry of phishing attacks using our advanced email threat detection. We fight off viruses using our managed antivirus, keeping company computers infection free! Our firewalls keep untrusted networks well away from your computers. Don’t like snoopers? No one does, that is why we use our data leak prevention solution to secure valuable company data before it falls into the wrong hands.

Disaster Recovery

Imagine you lost the last 6 months’ worth of data, how would this affect your company? Disaster can come from all forms, whether it is a natural disaster such as flooding or man-made disasters in the likes of cyber-attacks, accidental deletions, and many more. It is not a matter of if, but when. We ensure your business-critical data is protected and available WHEN disaster strikes. Our backup and disaster recovery solution portfolio includes multiple cloud backups for website and application data.

Managed Network

Our managed network services provide you with the peace of mind that your network is going to keep working as it should. We provide the monitoring, patching and network architecture services required for your firewalls, switches and routers.

Unlimited Technical Support

Having a problem with your computer? No worries, give us a call and we’ll be straight on it. Problems pop up from time to time and we understand how this can affect your business operations, which is why we identify and fix the problem quickly.

AI Monitoring

We have a unique system that observes your IT. Rather than waiting for issues to occur and deal with them, our AI system will detect this and fix it before it becomes a noticeable issue for you.

Monthly Reports

Want to stay updated on how we are managing your IT? No problem. We will send you monthly reports on; your business’s security, the amount of issues and how fast they were fixed. It is important to us to maintain a level of transparency so you can see the ROI in securing your Business.

Website & Brand Design

With a dedicated team, we can help you either build a new website or polish up an existing one. Your website is your door to the outside world and we want to make sure that as many clients come through that door for you as possible. We can provide you with a sleek, iconic and modern looking website and/or brand to impress your customers.

Office 365 Management and Protection

We know Office 365 helps you efficiently run your Business. This is why on top of providing Office 365 management and maintenance, we will also provide your Business with an advanced threat protection solution that covers; Complete protection of email and data, Critical multi-layer security, Archiving and Multiple backups for Office 365. Protecting users and data from email-borne threats is essential, with this solution on top of our managed cyber security services your business will be safe and secure from any threats.