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IT Support

Using the combination of AI and Technician to stop recurring issues, and improve the operation of your Business through smooth running IT. With Shepherd IT Services support, costly downtime will not be a problem you need to worry about, as we detect and resolve most issues before they become a major problem. For an emergency we are available 24/7, and it’s our duty to ensure your IT does not hold you back. We take care of your IT for you don’t have to.


Cybercrime is too common in the 21st century, threats are everywhere and continuously evolving. Every few seconds a Business is hacked! The good news is there are ways to secure yourself against the threats out there, and back up your data in case of a disaster. Shepherd IT Services use the latest security solutions to ensure your employees, data and clients are safe and prepared in case you are attacked.  Securing your Business with IT professionals.


Telecommunication and Internet services for Businesses, to help improve communication between the Business and the client/customer at an affordable price. Do you have trouble talking to customer service when your phone line is down? This is a common problem with many providers and should not be tolerated as it affects the performance of your Business. We can even set up your calls to be received through programmes such as Microsoft Teams.

IT Audits / Reviews / Tests

Why not have an expert IT technician audit your Business to see: How secure you are, What the vulnerabilities in your Business are, What you IT infrastructure needs and Identify if personal data has been leaked.