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IT Support for Schools

Giving the students the ability to work without setbacks

School IT Support – We understand that schools have different requirements to other businesses. We provide a variety of services to keep a school’s IT systems running efficiently, safely and economically. From managing security and networks, to providing remote support and maintenance.


School IT Support Approach:

The use of technology in schools is essential to inspiring and educating students. Shepherd IT provides IT services to ensure schools improve educational outcomes through technology. The key components of our IT Support Service:

– Internet safeguarding for children
– Communication and collaboration between learners and teachers
– Providing a safe and secure network.

Smart Support enables full remote monitoring and management, migrating data into the cloud to run serverless schools. Using the full power of the internet and its endless possibilities, all of our solutions are a great choice when it comes to education.

We Create Fully Connected Systems and Monitor Your Infrastructure Using Custom AI

IT Support

School IT Support – Study Safe with No Setbacks

Shepherd IT Services work alongside teachers, IT managers and Coordinators to provide IT services for schools including on site support, telephone and remote assistance, network maintenance and other project management services. The support provided benefits students. We help students by monitoring the computer systems they use, allowing them to work with no setbacks.

Support can be provided for a schools entire IT infrastructure, including technologies used within the classroom, server room, reception areas and admin departments. We understand the importance of IT and Computing in the primary curriculum, and services are provided to meet the needs of the curriculum.

Shepherd IT will play an active role in implementing new technologies within schools, such as the deployment of digital learning devices within the classroom. In addition to remote and on-site support, we can provide telephone and remote assistance services suited to the needs of your admin department and reception area.

IT Support School Support


School IT Support

Shepherd IT Services can support your school in developing more advanced cloud based solutions and fully cloud based virtualization of software. We can also work closely with a schools internal IT department to offer expert advice and support, saving time and resources in the process.

We will closely monitor an entire school’s network, liberating IT course directors from the daily burden of maintaining the entire schools network themselves.

Our priority is to keep downtime to a minimum through on site, to remote and telephone support, providing a fast resolution to any IT issues that may arise during the school day. Downtime can really set back students’ education.

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