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Office Relocation

Office Relocation – Are you relocating and having trouble deciding where to start? No problem, we are here to help you. Shepherd IT Services will help you create a fully functional plan to avoid loss of productivity and downtime, as well as carry out a full assessment and health check of your current IT infrastructure. From here, new opportunities for enhanced Business functionality and upgrades will become available to you!

Securing Data

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan for Office Relocation

When relocating an office, there is a possibility that you may lose valuable Business data, unless a Backup & Disaster recovery plan is in place. Our office relocation team will help you develop a Backup & Disaster Recovery plan, and ensure that the technology in your office is disconnected properly and safely. With experience in computer networking, the Shepherd IT Services team will be able to set up your Network infrastructure at the new office location. It’s important to have professionals set up your network to ensure it is set up properly, after all, you don’t want to be facing any downtime. It is also important that the right defences are put in place to protect your Business against cyberattacks.

Office Relocation and Backup Solutions by Hampshire IT Support

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Office Relocation

Why use Shepherd IT Services for your Office Relocation?

Security for your Business

  • Failing to handle IT problems effectively costs your business time and money, let us help!


  • Downtime is a big issue for all Businesses. Due to the complexities of IT management and cybersecurity, it’s best to let experienced professionals assist with Office Relocation.

Experienced in Computer Networking for Office Relocation

  • As IT specialists, we have extensive knowledge of business technology, with our experience spanning across all important business operations.


  • Shepherd IT Services are a passionate group of IT Nerds that are keen to share expertise and help develop Businesses.

Office Monitoring - Fast Response Times

  • We react fast to any problems that may occur, detecting and responding within just 2 minutes, with help from our AI system.


  • We monitor and carry out vital maintenance in the background, for we can catch issues before they develop into serious concerns.

Reach Business Goals Quicker

  • Shepherd Services take time to understand your Business and how you use technology, for we can improve operations and help you to succeed.


  • Our managed IT service improves your IT systems, resulting in a workforce boost, enabling you to meet your goals faster.

Office Relocation FAQ’s

If you need support on Office Relocation, then get in contact using the Contact form below. Or call us on 01256 596525.

Why do I need Backups in place for Office Relocation?

Backups & a disaster recovery plan should already be in place for your Business! There are many ways a Business can lose its data, from cyberattacks to accidental deletions. Backups are vital for all Businesses to ensure vital Business data is not lost.

What is a computer network?

A computer network is a set of computers sharing resources located on or provided by network nodes. The computers use common communication protocols over digital interconnections to communicate with each other.

Do I really need IT professionals to help relocate my office?

Yes, otherwise you may face downtime or other issues from not dismantling / setting up the IT infrastructure.

Office Relocation FAQ's Question Marks by Hampshire IT Support

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