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IT Support For Offices

Setting up and maintaining a network for your office

Office IT Support – Every office should have a full function network to be able to share resources and communicate efficiently. Setting this up can be very challenging: Switches, routers, firewalls etc are just confusing. Why is networking important? You can store important business data in a centralized location. This allows various computers within that network to retrieve important data from the main location. Networking will let you access the data from the other computers on the same network.


Office IT Support Network Setup

Your network infrastructure is integral to the day-to-day operation of your business. Maintaining uptime, accessibility, speed and security is essential to keep everybody working. Shepherd IT Services will support you with building and managing your network so that it’s robust and scalable. A general overview of how we set up a network:

– Wire every computer and server to the main network switch

– Connect devices such as Wireless Access Points to the main Network Switch

– Test connectivity

– Connect Firewall for security

– Connect all wireless Devices

Office IT Support - What's Included


Office IT Support Maintenance and Security

Whether your network was set up by us or not, we offer office IT Support to ensure the servers, networks and computers stay in optimum condition. We do this by troubleshooting network problems, installation/configuration of hardware and software, monitoring and improving network performance, and planning for future network growth.

A firewall is installed for network security. With Shepherd Services IT support, Anti-Virus, Email security and Backup solutions are included to fully Secure Your Business. Regular maintenance can keep the big problems away, while helping to maintain your networks optimal performance. This is why it’s crucial to have a team of experts maintaining your network, there are many factors that can go wrong on a daily basis.

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Why Us for your Office IT Support?

Fast and Reliable Service

Shepherd IT have the infrastructure to support fast implementation and upgrades. Our experts will also run proactive updates to hardware and software to ensure that you’re running at maximum capability.

Office IT Support Cybersecurity

Keeping your Business secure is a top priority. Shepherd IT managed network security solutions will keep your business protected against attacks such as malware or ransomware.

Improved Connectivity

We will increase productivity and efficiency by optimizing your network’s performance, using our effective AI monitoring to minimize costly downtime.

Result Orientated

The Shepherd Services team is passionate about IT and Technology. It gives the team pride when contributing to the success and development of another Business.

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