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Website design

Having an online presence is very important!

We have a design team ready and waiting to create your door to the outside world. Quality is valued above all else!

To become successful in modern day every Business needs a website. Not just any website, but a carefully structured website filled with the correct content to attract your target audience leading to more sales, which is why we are all here. As well as content, a website brings a face to the Business, potential customers will know the values of your company, why they should choose you and what makes you different.


Need a brand-new website? No problem we will create you a website from scratch and send you a questionnaire to tell us more about how you would like it. Need a website tweaked? Give us access, our team will get straight to work on improving your website. A full audit will be run through with you on how to improve the website and the difference it will make to visiting traffic.  

Brand Design

Stunning design

The latest tools and methods are used by us to give you the best looking design which appeals to the eye of your target market. We will create you a 'stunning' logo from scratch, and we welcome your input, after all it is made for you.

Handcraft Perfected

Constant improvement and evaluation is key. To ensure the best possible design is handcrafted to meet your needs while accurately representing your company.


A unique brand will make you stand out over other competitors. Our design team will give you more of a competitive edge through a unique design strategy improving brand image.

Cost Effective

Brand image is one of the most important factors in Business. Investing in a unique image for your company can make you stand out over competitors leading to more customers and be very cost-effective because of this.

Search Engine Optimization


SEO Audit

The first step in the SEO process is to audit the website. We will discover what needs improvement, the search engine ranking and what needs to be added. After the audit a development plan is then formed to improve the ranking of the website.


On page SEO overhaul

The second step is content analysis and adjustment. The team go through all the content on the website and optimize certain areas to improve the ranking of the website through the search engine analytics. We find the most relevant content people search for when looking to use your shop or service.


Continuous SEO Development

This step comes in packages. Depending on the package we then focus on the off page SEO of your website, using certain off page methods to optimize your website for a higher ranking on search engines.

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Search engine optimization is the process of improving the amount of traffic to a website from search engines. SEO targets unpaid or 'organic' traffic rather than paid traffic, such as Google ads
Having good SEO improves your ranking on search engines, resulting in more traffic being drawn to your website and generating more potential leads.
Your website is the door to the outside world. Having a well-designed website enables you to go through that door. A website needs to appeal to your target market, as well as easy to read and full of the right content. The better-designed website, the higher conversion rate you will have, ultimately leading to more Business.
"I'm loving it" "Just do it" "Finger lickin good" Chances are the company pops up in your head when you say these lines. This is the brand image, it's how people see your company. Through logos, slogans, fonts etc. It all contributes to the image.
A strong Brand image contributes to customer loyalty. Let's take Mercedes for example, everyone knows they make great quality reliable cars. People want to buy these cars, giving them more potential customers. It encourages 'repeat purchase', someone that has owned a Mercedes will most likely buy another newer model, because they know Mercedes is powerful, reliable, and of great quality. This is all because of the strong image they have built over the years.

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