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IT Support Basingstoke Mission: Is to help Businesses grow by taking care of their IT, giving the Business more time to focus on Business development without any ‘humps in the road’.


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IT Support Basingstoke Services – We have an advanced AI system which aids us in detecting and resolving recurring IT issues. Our AI system will detect and solve 73% of problems before they become a major issue that can potentially cause Business downtime.

What People Are Saying

IT Support Basingstoke Feedback


“I have viewed my email system as a weak point in my security set up – until I met you. Your credentials are impeccable. I am also impressed by how straight forward you make the process and totally agree with your mantra of getting the setup right to save hours in the future. Even when our setup was not quite right, you were fast to respond and had the problem dealt with quickly with a short-term fix to get things running, and a long-term solution to remove the problem. I am thoroughly impressed by your skills and knowledge. This combined with your straight forward approach to pricing and implementing your services means that I would actively encourage all my clients – especially those in the Healthcare sector with special category data, to use your services.” 

Christopher Cloke Brown

Director, MRSL Enterprise

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for your actions yesterday. I realize it is what I pay you for, but I was very happy with your service and of course that you were able to overcome and repair the issue. The fact that you were able to do this without disrupting my operation of tutoring was of real benefit.”

Phil Thorn

Director, My Own Tutor

“As a small Business owner, proper IT security and support was something I knew I needed. Unfortunately, though, most of the IT support companies out there are only interested in the bigger fish. Shepherd Services was able to offer a solution to suit my needs at an affordable price. Not only that, but if I have issues, The team always gets back to me quickly. I might not need to speak to him every day, but I now have total peace of mind that I’m being looked after.”

Alison Blackwood

Director, Business insights & Accounting Solutions

IT Support Basingstoke

Why Partner with Shepherd IT for your IT Support?

Fast Response Times

  • We react fast to any problems that may occur, detecting and responding within just 2 minutes, with help from our AI system.


  • We monitor and carry out vital maintenance in the background, for we can catch issues before they develop into serious concerns.

Reach Business Goals Quicker

  • Shepherd Services take time to understand your Business and how you use technology, for we can improve operations and help you to succeed.


  • Our managed IT service improves your IT systems, resulting in a workforce boost, enabling you to meet your goals faster.

Securing Your Business

  • Cyberattacks are constantly evolving, but so are our defences. We are constantly evaluating and adapting to overcome new evolved threats.


  • We offer security awareness training to help Businesses detect and identify security threats.

IT Support without the overcharging

  • We provide cost-effective solutions. You should not be overcharged to have peace of mind.


  • A fixed monthly cost with a flexible contract that’s offered to all our clients. To give you the flexibility you need.
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IT Support Basingstoke Working With Microsoft

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