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IT Support for Healthcare

Securing healthcare data and keeping operations running smooth

Healthcare IT Support – Whether you’re a Healthcare organization company looking for specialist IT Consultancy in line with upgrading your IT Infrastructure or Unified Communications solution, Shepherd Services can assist. Our services range from technical Project Management, IT Project Consultancy, Cloud Migration, specialist IT Infrastructure Consultancy and Cybersecurity.

Healthcare IT Support GDPR-compliance:

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you must process personal data securely. Personal data is information that can be used to identify people. Healthcare practices hold personal data and must protect it against: Unauthorized or unlawful processing, Accidental loss, Destruction and Damage.

We can help you.

We Create Fully Connected Systems and Moniter Your Infrastructure Using Custom AI

IT Support

Our Approach to Healthcare IT Support:

Shepherd Services adopt a strategic approach to IT, gaining an understanding of your business goals, and ensuring that any solution we design, implement or manage is in line with these goals.

We are aware of the common issues healthcare practices face, and we implement our solutions to overcome these problems for they don’t continue to cause recurring issues that set your business back. Our full service offering includes IT Support, IT Strategy, IT Consultancy, networking and Cybersecurity.

IT Support for Healthcare Offerings
IT Support Healthcare Support

IT support is critical, especially in a healthcare environment. Medical, Dental and Optometry practices must be able to maintain a stable network, as well as growing to meet the needs of a constant changing industry. With Shepherd IT Services experience and expertise, all your IT needs will be fulfilled within your practice, from initial system installation to a full range of support options. Whether a single-doctor office, a hospital or clinic administrator, you’re tethered to technology. Keeping that technology up and running 24x7x365 can be a challenge, and it must be maintained properly to avoid downtime and setbacks.


Healthcare IT Support Challenges We Help You Solve

Client Satisfaction

Patients expect to interact with you anywhere, anytime. Increasingly, they don’t want to call you to handle routine things. It’s much more satisfactory to view test results, make appointments and find information online.


Regulations change constantly, and it is crucial that all technology is monitored and upgraded to ensure you meet current regulations. This applies to how your applications store data, how your storage protects it, and how your networks transmit it.

Performance and Integration

All equipment and software should run without any set backs, and be perfectly integrated with each other. From practice management systems to your EMR, imaging systems to cardiac testing systems, and voice systems to virtual desktops.

Healthcare IT Support Cybersecurity

The healthcare sector is the most target sector for cyberattacks right now. This is because of the personal data that is held by each practice. Many Practices do not have any IT security in place, making people’s personal and medical information easy to access.


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