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Domains and Email Support

Domain names & Emails are a fundamental requirement for your Business. Purchasing a domain name is the first step to creating an online presence. You can buy a domain name and host with anyone, however, setting up a website and email under you domain can be confusing, especially when you need to configure the correct DNS settings. Let us take the frustration away and buy your domain through Shepherd IT. Learn more about our WEBSITE HOSTING.

Shepherd IT

Business Domain Registration

Shepherd IT Services will help you set up your Domain, DNS Hosting, Emails and anything else your Business needs to have your online presence live:

Total DNS Control –

Manage your DNS records and manage your email, subdomains and website location easily from one place.

Domain Forwarding –

We will set up Domain Forwarding so that anyone who types your domain name into their browser is taken directly to your website.

All Managed by Shepherd IT –

We handle all Domain, DNS and Email issues and support. Taking away the worry and frustration of constant issues and downtime.

Change of Registration –

Assign your domain name to someone else and change any contacts for your domain.

Auto Renew –

Save watching expiration dates to make sure you renew on time. Auto-renew is set up to keep your domain and hosting up and running.

Monitoring Alerts –

 Get instant alerts if there has been any change in the status of your domain.

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Email Support

Emails don’t always work as smoothly as we’d like. Below are some of the most common email problems with potential solutions:

Delayed or Lost Emails –

Losing sensitive client information is frustrating and can quickly ruin your Business reputation. A cycle will start that will force you to constantly double check your emails are actually getting delivered.

Try – Using MX Toolbox, this can be used to check DNS records and will test the server for incoming/outgoing messages, notifying you if something is wrong. Alternatively, you can access your email hosting provider’s webmail. If the emails are there, it’s most likely an issue with your computer.

Undeliverable Messages I have not Sent or People Receiving Emails I did not Send –

Your email account has been compromised and could be because:

  • A Weak Password
  • Accessing a Corrupt Website
  • Opening a Suspicious looking Email

Try – Changing the password for your email account and scan your computer for malware immediately. We’d strongly recommend getting professional help in this case to protect yourself and your organization. Call 01256 596525 if you require immediate help.

My Emails are going to People’s Spam / Junk Folder –

There are many reasons your emails could be going to the receiver’s junk / spam folder. The most common reason is because the authentication has not been set up properly. You will need to make sure the following has been set up properly:

  • DKIM (Domain Key Identified Mail)
  • SPF (Sender Policy Framework)
  • DMARC – requires you to already be using DKIM and SPF

For More information, visit this LINK or get in contact with us HERE.


Microsoft 365 Support

Why Partner with Shepherd IT for your IT Support?

Fast Response Times

  • We react fast to any problems that may occur, detecting and responding within just 2 minutes, with help from our AI system.


  • We monitor and carry out vital maintenance in the background, for we can catch issues before they develop into serious concerns.

Reach Business Goals Quicker

  • Shepherd Services take time to understand your Business and how you use technology, for we can improve operations and help you to succeed.


  • Our managed IT service improves your IT systems, resulting in a workforce boost, enabling you to meet your goals faster.

Securing Your Business

  • Cyberattacks are constantly evolving, but so are our defences. We are constantly evaluating and adapting to overcome new evolved threats.


  • We offer security awareness training to help Businesses detect and identify security threats.

IT Support without the overcharging

  • We provide cost-effective solutions. You should not be overcharged to have peace of mind.


  • A fixed monthly cost with a flexible contract that’s offered to all our clients. To give you the flexibility you need.

Domains and Email Support FAQ’s

If you have another question about Domains and Email Support, then get in contact using the form below.

What is a Domain?

A domain name is the name of a website. It is what comes after the “www” when you type in a web address. 

How do I set up a Domain?

You can either buy a domain with us or through another domain host such as Namecheap or 123reg.

Can my Domain get hacked?

Yes, cybercriminals can obtain access to your account on the registrar’s website, through control of your email address or through your registrar being compromised.

Do I really need a Domain for my Business?

Absolutely, A Domain is required for an online presence, a Business’s unique domain will link to their website and email service.

Email Support FAQ's

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