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Cybersecurity Services

Securing Your Business

Cybersecurity Services – Cost-effective solutions to prevent you losing money. 68% of business leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing, the good news is Shepherd IT are here to put your mind at ease with the latest security solutions. Shepherd IT Services offer a FREE cybersecurity audit to Business owners who are worried about their cybersecurity.


Cybersecurity Services:

Shepherd IT Cybersecurity Services offer your Business Security and Protection against the increasing number of cyberattacks, at an affordable fixed monthly rate.

Cybersecurity Analysis

Security Analysis

Shepherd IT Services can analyse the entire business infrastructure to detect any vulnerabilities that security threats can take advantage of. We have multiple audits available for Business to see how secure they actually are.

Cybersecurity Services By Shepherd IT

Cybersecurity Services

Shepherd IT Services monitor and protect your Business using the latest security solutions. Protecting employees, clients and crucial Business data!

Large Companies are targeted often, but they are not the only target!

Large Businesses are targeted because of the big money involved, and when it comes to hearing about cyberattacks on the news it’s usually to do with larger companies. This does not mean SMEs do not get hacked. 43% of all cyberattacks target SMEs. Companies are typically easier to  hack because of the lack of security or preparation. This is where we come in. Shepherd IT Cybersecurity Services use the latest protection and detection technology to fully Secure Your Business, no matter the size, all at a fixed monthly rate. As a bonus, we back up all your data in the event of a disaster.


All Businesses need Cybersecurity Services!

All Businesses use computers and store valuable data on these computers. This means that anyone can get access to this data if they wanted to, whether it’s personal information, employee details, financial information etc. Not having the right security in place will put your Business and employees at risk. Every Business needs Cybersecurity Services.

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Cybersecurity Services Approach

Once you successfully get in contact with us, we then arrange for a cybersecurity audit to see where you are currently vulnerable in your Business. Once we have the results from our auditing tools, we then have a discussion with you on the results. Moving forward, a Shepherd IT Technician will set up the relevant security in just a few emails, Securing Your Business against the many threats out there.

A simple and easy process to get your Business Secured and running smoothly!

Security Audits

Shepherd IT Service believe all Businesss should know how secure they are. We offer security audits (some FREE) to expose the vulnerabilities within your company.

Cybersecurity Services IT Support

Security Training

Shepherd IT can work with employees in your company to provide training on the security threats that are out there. With training, the company is less likely to be impacted by a cyberattack! 


Cybersecurity Services

Password Management


Audits and Penetration Tests

Security Awareness Training


Mobile Device Management

Mac Support

Advanced Email Security


Internet and Website Security

24/7 Business Security

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