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IT Support Hampshire Statistic – A Business is successfully hacked every 11 seconds in the UK. A cybersecurity audit will tell you whether you are secured against the attacks to come, and will start you on a journey to save your £12,000, which is the average cost of a cyberattack to SMEs. It’s not just large Businesses, SMEs are often targeted because of their lack of security. Don’t be prey, Be prepared!


Why Shepherd IT Services | Hampshire IT Support?

Not handling constant IT problems effectively costs your Business TIME and MONEY. Downtime is a massive and common problem for all organizations. It’s very hard to avoid every IT issue without specialists in place that look after your IT 24/7, this is due to the complexities of IT and Cybersecurity. As a Business Owner, you need to make sure that your Business is equipped to withstand these problems. Shepherd IT Services offer unlimited IT infrastructure monitoring and technical support to ensure that your Business is protected and functioning 24/7. Operating and offering IT Support Hampshire, IT Support Basingstoke and Remotely around the UK:  


“I have viewed my email system as a weak point in my security set up – until I met you. Your credentials are impeccable. I am also impressed by how straight forward you make the process and totally agree with your mantra of getting the setup right to save hours in the future. Even when our setup was not quite right, you were fast to respond and had the problem dealt with quickly with a short-term fix to get things running, and a long-term solution to remove the problem. I am thoroughly impressed by your skills and knowledge. This combined with your straight forward approach to pricing and implementing your services means that I would actively encourage all my clients – especially those in the Healthcare sector with special category data, to use your services.” 

Christopher Cloke Brown

Director, MRSL Enterprise

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for your actions yesterday. I realize it is what I pay you for, but I was very happy with your service and of course that you were able to overcome and repair the issue. The fact that you were able to do this without disrupting my operation of tutoring was of real benefit.”

Phil Thorn

Director, My Own Tutor

“As a small Business owner, proper IT security and support was something I knew I needed. Unfortunately, though, most of the IT support companies out there are only interested in the bigger fish. Shepherd Services was able to offer a solution to suit my needs at an affordable price. Not only that, but if I have issues, The team always gets back to me quickly. I might not need to speak to him every day, but I now have total peace of mind that I’m being looked after.”

Alison Blackwood

Director, Business insights & Accounting Solutions


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Stop worrying about IT Support and focus on the development of your Business!

In Modern-day, Businesses are reliant on computers, if something goes wrong it can really set your workforce back and cost you a lot of money to either recover from the issue, or from the loss of sales and service due to downtime. Why take that risk? Shepherd Services IT Services Basingstoke uses AI technology to detect and resolve most issues before they become a major problem, preventing costly downtime and resulting in smooth IT. Do Business without the worry of constant issues.

IT Support Hampshire | Headache From Technology

IT Support Hampshire save you Time, Money and Frustration!

We Create Fully Connected Systems and Moniter Your Infrastructure Using Custom AI

Less user downtime!
Regular Service Reviews!
Regular Backup Testing!
Less system downtime!
Cybersecurity Management!
Peace of mind!
Fewer disruptions!
Fixed Monthly Cost!

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Whether you work in the financial sector, education or other services, Shepherd IT Services have the tools and  knowledge to deliver the perfect IT solution for your Business.

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